To my ever faithful Lover,

Day by day. That is how You work in me, in my life. You are never in a rush, I figured there is no need for time is in Your hands. You know when things are going to happen, You set them perfectly in Your plans and You carry them out completely. You make things happen, You make them happen beautifully. Maybe the word “miracle” sounds so beautiful because the only one who can make it happen is the One most beautiful. Your miracles, nothing can compare. Your miracles, it isn’t just real, it’s amazing on the outside and is much more beautiful from within. Thank You. Thank You for giving me the privilege to witness and experience Your miracles. Thank You because You worked the greatest miracle of my life. You did not magically reformed me, You¬†miraculously¬†transformed me. I am no longer dead, You renewed me, You saved me from the darkness I’ve been living. You made me know You, You made Your love known to me, that was beyond amazing and that alone was a wonderful miracle. My salvation; all gratitude, all praises, all the glory belongs to You. You are most beautiful. You filled me up with life, with love, with joy and peace. You alone are everything and You are the only One worth saying this line to: “You complete me”.¬†