You’re not alone.

There are times when people feel alone. There are times when people feel like everyone turned their back from them. Like they keep on screaming but nobody can hear them, when they long for something that is just isn’t there. Sad as it seems, it happens to me and I’m pretty sure it happens to others as well.

Thing is, every time I get the feeling of loneliness, I am reminded that I am too focused on myself, that maybe I was focused more on the love I get than the love I can give. Maybe other people has a different reason, but for me it is this. I get too focused on me and what I get from people that I easily forget the love I keep on receiving, the love that sustains me, the love that gives me life, the love that goes beyond limits; THE LOVE OF GOD that is freely poured out on me.

The love of God. Yes, Jesus in His great love saw the value in me. He loved me just because He chose to. He knew very well that I cannot do it alone. He knew that without me depending on Him I would always feel lonely, I would always feel alone, I would always be broken. When He chose to love me, I don’t know Him and I definitely am not honoring Him. But even before I saw His beauty He chose to pay my debts in full, He chose to die for me. He chose to look on the love He can give rather than the love He can get.

And every time it would hit me; I am reminded that I have not a reason to feel alone. Yes, as a human being my feelings would get all messed up sometimes but I know ( and should always be reminded of) that I am immensely loved by the One who made me, the One who gave me worth, the One who would never leave me nor forsake me, the One who would never turn His back from me. I am amazed and just in awe every time.

It brings so much comfort, so much peace and so much joy knowing that Christ loves you and will always do. He treasures you and will always be with You.

This song. Every time I feel alone, I hear God telling me that He will always be there for me. I am reminded that His voice will always be the sweetest and that I am never forsaken.