Sweet surprise.

Today I had a conversation with a father and his daughter who went pass our store to look for a book. As they were waiting for the book, I had a very lovely conversation with the both of them. I cannot exactly remember how we ended up talking about Christianity but I sure am thankful I had this conversation with them. The dad told me how he was guiding his daughter since she is a new Christian. We talked about how amazing the love of God is and how unconditionally forgiven we are and how unfathomable it is to be loved by the Maker of the universe… we also talked about fellowship and Joseph Prince (i will listen to him preach after i write this, also the book they bought from us is written by him). I saw that they were in love with Jesus and I know that they are aware of how immensely loved they are. (I felt like I saw them almost jumping for joy talking about it. Awesome.) I am super excited to see them again. I hope I get to talk to them again.

After the conversation, I was reminded that God will never ever forget about me. He sent me the dad and the daughter to remind me that He is aware of where I am even if I feel like a thousand miles away from Him. He made me remember that as my Father, He wants and delights in guiding me and carrying me as I get throught this earthly life. I am super thankful. And super joyous.

Again, after running away and hiding… I am beginning to see the light. Thank You, my Abba. ❤😂

O, joy. ❤