What’s up


Hi! I am warning you now that this is totally going to be super random.  I totally missed the Lord in 2015. I hadn’t been really in-sync with my spiritual standards and in a lot of ways disconnected from my Savior. There, I said it. Putting it out there! The year 2015 wasn’t a really good year for me and my faith although there were really good moments and times that I’m really grateful about and it wasn’t like the worst  year of my life. It was still great considering how God never let me go and how He still proved Himself faithful even though I was being such a gadfly. So yea, now that 2015 has been gone for a month and a week and 2016 is the new thing now I want to talk about my 2016 so far… (I am pretty much a having a love-hate relationship with it already.) Continue reading