Amazed and thankful.

“It’s amazing how God works into people’s lives.”  – A sentence I always say when I hear stories of miracles and answered prayers, how God worked into the lives of people I know. And it’s always overwhelming when it happens to me, too. Every time God reveals a part of His greatness it really humbles me and fills me with awe. It amazes me that truly the God we serve is the God of all, and nothing is impossible for Him!

My last post was a bit sad because I was going through a tough time, but even then I wanted God to lead me on. It was hard battling with yourself when you know how you really wanted to handle a problem with your own ways. I almost wanted to take control of the situation and let my feelings affect what I do, so I asked for God’s help. I prayed that He’d help me overcome this problem I was going through. I prayed that my actions would not be based on how I feel but be based on what He wills. Right after I prayed, I asked God to be with me because I know I can never do the right thing without Him with me. So by the grace of God I was able to do what is right, I apologized to the person in my family whose feelings are affected by what I have said and did.  And without pretensions I was forgiven, like nothing happened.

God removed all the guilt and bitterness in my heart. God blessed me with the peace and joy that comes with His love. I’m grateful, I’m grateful that God who made the universe does not ignore my petty issues. He cares for His people. I’ve always been saying how amazing God works into people’s lives, but then I kind of forgotten to praise God  on how amazing He worked and how He is continuously working in my life. This period of my walk with God reminded me to have a grateful heart. Indeed, I am grateful… thankful for every wonders and everything that He has blessed me with. I’m grateful for the things I get to learn when He makes me experience times like I just did. I’m grateful because God sent Jesus to save us from our sins. I’m grateful that Jesus came into my life and saved me from the dark.

PSALM 118:1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.